AgileBCP Pty Ltd. ACN 647843525 – is opening investment opportunities for potential partners and shareholders.

Our core product is an internet-based software platform that will nimbly support users to build a business continuity plan helping them to make informed decisions.


The tool we have taken to market is a development of a vulnerabilities-based approach that has been used successfully as a consulting tool over the last twenty years.

The development of these tools into Software as a Service steps up from their previous life as Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to a powerful, integrated, and, cost-effective offering.

It took most of 2020 and 2021 to get the internet version (AgileBCP) ready to launch. The development process included risk managers and software engineers to steer the project – plus dozens of experts and potential users in critical reference groups.

We have had the “Minimum Viable Product“ (which was developed using a code-free WEM platform) written up by Python programmers and put up on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services.

The Software as a Service tool (and its associated website) can be used in three main ways:

– by clients who subscribe directly to the service

– by consultants who use it to work with their clients

– by salespeople who promote the service and receive an income stream from ongoing subscriptions

Our Invitation / Proposition:

Having upgraded recently we are now approaching potential shareholders who might be interested in being part of AgileBCP.

The available shareholding opportunities can be from AU$10,000 up to AU$50,000.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or a smaller shareholder, please contact me by email at and we can have a chat.


The software is described at

The approach is outlined at